ferutdin zakirov
ferutdin zakirov

Ferutdin Zakirov's first collection is now presented with 400 garments of Italian’s tailoring in his flagship store in Milan, and in December 2016, launching his perfume. In his first collection, the Ferutdin Zakirov prêt-à-porter F/W 2016, was offering a complete total look including suits, jackets, coats, shirts, underwear and accessories. This collection also had 3 limited edition released in 2016/2017, they were:

Ferutdin Zakirov + Ago comes alongside the first collection, it is the meaning of finest tailoring coming to life in the form of handmade suits and shirts

Ferutdin Zakirov + Ago + Su Misura represents the finest selection of custom-made garments of the Ferutdin Zakirov collection such as suits, overcoats and shirts

Ferutdin Zakirov + Ago + Napoli is an exclusive limited edition of custom-made garments from the tailoring tradition of Naples

Nowadays, Ferutdin has 3 flagship stores respectively in Milan, Moscow and Taškent. With particular reference to this last location, he also has a fashion brand storesnamedZilli boutique, Canali boutique and IRIS botique showcasing Etro, Lanvin, Philip Lim, Jimmy Choo, Parosh, Stuart Weiztman, Proenza Schouler, Antonio and other high-end fashion brands also appearing on Italian newspaper, magazine and trade journals.


the brand

The first Ferutdin Zakirov collection made his debut in January 2016 during the Men's Fashion Week in Milan andsubsequently, on June 19th 2016,during the presentation of his Spring/Summer collection 2017 with the partnership of Uomo Vogue the Bulgari Hotel. 

The Spring/Summer collection 2017 represents A Gentlemanager, refined and cosmopolitan, mixing work and leisure time. The Uzbek entrepreneur and designer is tailoring a whole new wardrobe, split into three acts and entirely made in Italy by the capable hands of his trusted master artisans. 

In December 2016, he also launched his perfume that belongs to the oriental, woody, spicy category and combines prestigiousand other ingredients such as incense, oud woods and amber. The sparkling notes of citrus fruits, chosen from the scents of mandarin peel and Lebanese cedar, combined with the lightness of aquatic mint and oak moss give this perfume an attitude of elegance today.