Ferutdin Zakirov Style

Ferutdin Zakirov was born in 1967 in Tashkent, from a prestigious family of Uzbek politicians and academics. In the ’90, Zakirov decides not to follow his family’s career, but to pursue the path of fashion by launching a new multi-brand boutique in his hometown: Europa exclusive. Eventually, he opens a new store in Moscow dedicated to the main fashion men’s brands. His driving passion for this clothing design and style, prompted Ferutdin to forge his own brand so to develop his vision of man’s fashion. in March 2010 open his first menswear brand store in Taškent. Later in the years, Ferutdin was also able to open his first new store in Tashkent, but his giant leap was by means of the launch of Feru, his luxury brand. He succeeded in bringing Italian tailoring in Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan by means of a retail network that lasted until 2014. Subsequently, he turned his name into a symbol of luxury stylish by forging the Ferudtin Zakirov brand. Ferutdin Zakirov's first collection is now presented with 400 garments of Italian’s tailoring in his flagship store in Milan. In December 2016, she also launched her perfume A perfume that belongs to the oriental, woody, spicy category and combines prestigious, enveloping and disturbing ingredients such as incense, oud, woods and amber. The sparkling notes of citrus fruits, chosen from the scents of mandarin peel and Lebanese cedar, and the lightness of aquatic mint and oak moss give this perfume an attitude of elegance Today, Ferutdin Zakirov owns three store in Taškent, specifically, a Canali brand store, a Zilli brand store and a multi-brand store showcasing high-fashion brands such as Etro, Lanvin, Philip Lim, Jimmy Choo, Parosh, Stuart Weiztman, Proenza Schouler and Antonio Marras, among others