Ferutdin Zakirov F/W Collection 2016/17

The first Ferutdin Zakirov collection made its debut in January 2016 during the Men's Fashion Week in Milan. Each garment is fully made in Italy and tastes like the ancient art of tailoring. The whole collection pays homage to the superior quality of Italian tailoring tradition, the accuracy of details makes each garment a unique and precious piece celebrating the art of craftsmanship. Selection of fabrics includes high-end products from France, England and Scotland. The result is a sober and original wardrobe that stands out for the stylistic choice of looking beyond approved fashion standards. Outerwear fitting like a glove, flawless suits, pure design shirts and essential accessories, this is the broad range of products offered to the refined elegance connoisseur. Needle and thread, fine fabrics and obsessive attention to details are the only ingredients needed for the aesthetic recipe of timeless charm. Footwear completes the collection, each single article is crafted following the Italian traditional art of handmade shoes. The footwear collection represents the point of convergence between style, design and the total comfort of perfectly fitting shoes achieved through the careful selection of forms, soles and leather. The collection will also include limited edition items crafted by maestros of the trade and released in volumes of up to 200 units per year.