Ferutdin Zakirov was born in 1967 in Taškent into an important Ubek family of politicians and academics. He soon distanced himself from his father’s footsteps to follow his innate passion for fashion. The artistic atmosphere he breathed from a very early age led him, at the beginning of the 1990s, to open the first multi-brand boutique Europa Exclusive in his native city; dedicated to the most important menswear brands, it was followed by a store in Moscow. This innate passion for beautiful and well-made clothes led Zakirov to develop his own personal concept of male elegance and in 2010 to launch his first own-brand shop dedicated exclusively to menswear in Taškent. Towards the end of the 1990s he took an important step, with the market launch of Feru (a luxury brand) and Ferublu (a premium brand), two brands with which the eclectic entrepreneur brought the beauty of Italian tailoring to Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan through a retail network which progressed until 2014, the year which saw the conclusion of this experience. Now is the moment for a new adventure in style: Ferutdin Zakirov is no longer solely a name and surname. It has become a symbol of luxury with a recognisably unique and well-defined identity.

Passion for precious materials, scrupulous attention to accessories and hands-on sartorial skill.

Passionate about art from birth, curious by nature, an instinctive lover of beauty, Ferutdin Zakirov is a man who so firmly believes in his own values that he has transformed his passion into a profession. This is the origin of Ferutdin Zakirov, the eponymous brand, which tells a story rich in subtle luxury, formal but never banal, characterised by meticulous attention to detail and shadings of elegance.


A cultured traveller and refined aesthete, Ferutdin Zakirov travelled the world in search of beauty and quality to satisfy his needs and expectations. He found it in Italy. In the birthplace of fashion, the entrepreneur identified the necessary support for his concept and for the production of this new adventure in aesthetics and style. The artisan workforce involved in the project has been entrusted with the task of translating his ideas of elegance into clothes and accessories.